Fishy memories of summer vacation no. 1 Heshiko

Fishy memories of summer vacation no. 1

We would like to share our “fishy” memories of last summer vacation. At first, Heshiko

We often go to Tango Hanto but this year we ate Tango Hanto’s speciality Heshiko for the very first time.
Extremely salty, because Heshiko was made as preserved food when there were no fridges or freezers, but it’s good for “Ochazuke”. Take a warm bowl of rice, put some of the salted fish and pour hot green thee. It will taste like fishy rice soup. In Japan we call this Ochazuke. They make “light” version of Heshiko too.

Heshiko is salted and marinated fish. After salting, the fish is marinated in nukamiso (soyabean paste for pickling) for a very long time. The taste of the fish is so strong, that you can hardly eat it straight, but with rice and green tea it’s a real treat. The salted taste of the fish and the slightly bitter taste of the green tea made it a perfect and very delicate dish. One of the best Ochazuke I ever had.

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