A message from the president

Hello everyone, my name is Marinus Noordenbos. I am company president of Hokkai Suisan B.V. Dozo yoroshiku onegai itashimasu.

When I was 18 years old, I moved to Japan to work in the seafood industry. My father used to be the director of a big Dutch fishing company and he exported Horse Mackerel to Japan. I was able to work for his biggest costumer, a fish processing company in Numazu Japan. Just graduated from high school, the contrast between the school life and the Japanese way of working 6 days a week, 15 hours a day, could not be bigger. It took me at least 3 months to master the basics of the language, the culture differences and the most important thing, to learn something about fish.

From the beginning, I was very much impressed by the way the Japanese people care about food in general and fish in particular. Nothing is wasted! It is in the people’s nature to care about the product very carefully. They make sure it is cut properly, the temperature and the freshness are kept and they give special attention to everything they do with the fish. Not easy, if I tell you that they would cut 45.000 fishes every day. For me this was absolutely the best place to learn everything about fish there is to know.

After returning to Holland with my Japanese wife Yukiko Fukuyama, we started Hokkai Suisan. We introduced our horse mackerel to the Japanese communities in the Netherlands. Hokkai Suisan grew little by little and we expanded our range of products and customers. We always kept our focus on fish products and nowadays we are serving around 10.000 Japanese people in more than 15 countries with 60 to 70 Japanese style fish items. Since 2010 we are also introducing our items to Non-Japanese people as well. I started a sushi take away restaurant in IJmuiden showing the people in The Netherlands what a Japanese passion for food tastes like. Fish is one of the healthiest and most delicate food there is. It is my dream to introduce the diversity of fish to as many people as possible

Company information

Company name Hokkai Suisan B.V.
Company president Marinus Noordenbos
Visiting address Strandweg 2F, 1976 BS IJmuiden, The Netherlands
Telephone number 0031 255 541166
Fax number 0031 255 521271
Website www.hokkai.com
E-mail address info@hokkai.com
Product/industry description Production and distribution of fish products

Our Staff

Bart van der Hoek
General Manager

Louis van Ginneken
Office worker

Mark Oudenhoven

Yukiko Fukuyama
Customer Service

Reiko Tanaka
Customer Service

Eriko Warashina
Customer Service

Kuniyoshi Ohtawara
Head Chef

Cor Jansen
Fish Cutter

Stefan Cossee

Kees Brederveld