Fishy memories of summer vacation no. 2 HIRAMATSU SUISAN

Fishy memory no.2

We visited “HIRAMATSU SUISAN” in Toyohashi, AICHI pref.
They make “Tsukudani” by using not only the latest technology but also traditional techniques of the specialists to keep the real Japanese taste.
Tsukudani is preserved seafood cooked in sweet soy sauce. After the proces it can be kept outside of the fridge for 6 months.


Cooking Tsukudani fish.



They leave fish for one night so that the tase of sauce goes into the fish well.



Hiramatsu Suisan’s Tsukudani fish is a very populair gift. It’s packed beatifully and it tastes very good with Japanese rice.



After leaving Hiramatsu Suisan, we had lunch at “Kikumune”. Specialty of “Kikumune” is Nameshi, rice cooked with greens and Dengaku, skewered Tofu on a stick coated with special miso from Aichi. As always, the presentation is very beatifull and the taste unbelievable traditional. .